About bitcoin

Bitcoin is a global and decentralized digital currency, that is, it does not depend on any Central Bank, Institution, Government, or any company, its protocol is based on a free and open source P2P system, whose transactions are carried out in a Direct among users.

As A. Antonopoulos said:

Since Bitcoin is a protocol for the transmission of value, it will be bigger than Internet and will push Internet to a new stage.

Why buy bitcoin or crypto currencies?

We think, that bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, is the money of the future and online payments, we want you to know why, we will explain it to you:

We believe that bitcoin is a world reserve, the gold 2.0, of which only 21 million units will have been issued up to the year 2140, when the issuance process would end. For now, it is not expected that there will be more of these units, the majority of the network of users and participants would have to agree, in order to agree on an increase in the absolute number to be issued. This fact has a rather unlikely possibility, since nobody would want it to stop being a scarce good, devaluable and users lose purchasing power. Bitcoin is conceived as a deflationary currency, which encourages saving. Currently more than 17 million Bitcoins have been created.

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Security and control over your money

Each citizen is the owner of their money, as it is a decentralized system, no person or entity can freeze or have access to your bitcoins. If your wallet is encrypted, no one can lay hands on your money.

Fast Payments and Globally

You can make a payment to the other side of the world, as fast as you can pay your neighbor. A transfer from Asia, for example to Europe, would take around 10 minutes.


, when stored digitally, you can save the copy of your wallet in any physical medium or in the cloud.

It is infinitely divisible

, although at this moment 8 decimal digits are used, 0.00000001, in the future, it could have no division limit.

It is easily portable

, you can take your bitcoins in any digital medium.

And the most important feature

, the difficulty of falsifying, the main Bitcoin innovation is the chain of transactions. The blockchain, makes transactions with Bitcoin secure. The equivalent of fakes, in Bitcoin, is what is known as the problem of double spending and it is precisely the chain of blocks, which makes this not possible.

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